Apr 18, 2023il y a 1 mois

FREZITE holds first sales meeting

Maintaining its commitment to promote actions to keep employees updated on the latest news and market trends, FREZITE held the first sales meeting of the Wood Division in 2023, on 14 April. The team discussed sales strategies for the next quarter, sharing the news of the catalogue it is finalising to optimise customer service. Committed to maintaining the excellence of its solutions and service, FREZITE's online sales meeting was a success, enhancing the company's commercial strategy.

 Feb 23, 2023il y a 3 mois

FREZITE Brazil holds Sales Convention

For two days, the technical consultancy team of FREZITE in Brazil gathered for training and sharing experiences and knowledge. The annual meeting of FREZITE's sales team took place on February 9th and 10th. An investment made by the Brazil branch to provide the best technical consulting service to the market.

 Jan 11, 2023il y a 4 mois

FREZITE at the S. Silvestre Porto

The employees gathered, once again, to participate in the S. Silvestre Porto race. The 28th edition of this event, held on January 8th, in the streets of the “Invicta” (Invictus city) as is known Porto, the Group was represented by employees from FREZITE, SERI and FHP. With some access difficulties to the race, in this event, FREZITE had 15 representatives in the 10-kilometer race and two employees who participated in the 5-kilometer walk. They promise to return.