Jun 3, 201113 years ago

Positive Balance of the Ligna

FREZITE’s participation in Ligna 2011, considered to be the meeting place of the agents who are active in the area of wood and associated industries, proved to be very positive. As the largest world event for the sector, it was an opportunity for the company to establish a dialogue with their customers and agents. This year, the FREZITE team stood out at the company’s stand in which the watchword of the communication was its team and the service that it provided.

 May 30, 201113 years ago

Frezite Present at Ligna 2011

As has happened in previous exhibitions, FREZITE will we participating in Ligna 2011 - International Trade Fair for the Wood and Forestry Industry. The event that will take place in Hannover, in Germany, between 30 May and 3 June, which functions as a meeting point for agents of the wood and the industry area and associated industries. FREZITE will take advantage of the exhibition environment to introduce the market to new value added technological solutions, which are inseparable for the cutting tools that it produces. Bear in mind that Ligna exhibits the entire wood production chain, from the first processing until the final industrial production of wood products and innovative technologies in wood treatment.